Our Mission

Started with research and development, production, and product distribution, Linco strives to deliver the best products to our customer while committing in doing things right. Our mission is to make the best products and deliver them to the hands of customers. Unlike the competitors’ products, which tend to fail from time to time, products designed by Linco can withstand the test of time and will last a long period of time.

We hope our customers to repeatedly use our products. Although there are no products that will never age as time passes, we separate the parts that may wear out periodically from those may not. A good design will allocate the normal wear and tear to the expendable parts rather than the non-expendable parts. Eventually, our goal is to be eco-friendly and use the renewable resources to produce our items and save the environment. Therefore, the product’s lifespan can be extended through the replacement of the consumables, not though the obsolescence of the entire product. We hope our customers would love the products we produce, agree our design concept, and use our products over and over. Our mission statement also states that Linco Inc is an eco-friendly company and does not produce low-quality products.

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